How to improve energy at home

We all want the home served as a fortress, which can protect from adversity and negative influences. Only how to improve energy at home knows not everyone.

To start with cleansing of the house. In the living room there are areas where the energy is sometimes «stagnant.» Disorder is the most common cause of this. Chaos in a particular place suggests that in this field the owner of the house has problems. For example, if the mess in the kitchen, and there stagnant energy, then the person is likely to there are health problems, diet. Wherever the clutter is, it can become an obstacle to the flow of positive energy, and to avoid stagnation, it is necessary to promptly restore order.

A great way to improve the atmosphere at home is to have something alive in the corners and places where energy stagnates. Indoor plants increase positive energy at home. They symbolize life and refresh air in the room. For example, plants such as Rapis, ivy, spatifilium, gerberas and chrysanthemums well clear the air of toxins.

Natural light has a positive effect on energy at home, makes it lighter. In General, the light attracts life energy, so the house should not be dark corners. If the room hang dark curtains, replace them with light and transparent. Then the room filled with sunlight, and personal space will be protected. If Windows not so much, can enhance the light by hanging mirrors — they scatter the sun’s rays throughout the room. By the way, experts on ancient Chinese teachings of Feng Shui are convinced that the presence of mirrors in the house enhances the flow of positive energy qi several times. But they need to be properly positioned. For example, don’t place mirrors opposite each other to make a «mirrored corridor» and place them in front of the window or bed.

Another way of improving and maintaining a positive energy in the house — home decoration vases. They have good form, from the point of view of Feng Shui — wide at the base and tapering to the top. Such vases accumulate positive energy, and if they put three Chinese coins linked with red ribbon, then positive energy will increase many times over.

All the clocks in the house must work. Standing watch is one of the reasons of stagnation of energy in the house. Over time, it degenerates into a heavy, negative energy. If the watch cannot be repaired, they must be thrown away without regret. To energize the house, you need from time to time to make rearrangement and repair. The first step is to update the paint and Wallpaper on the walls. The fact that the walls absorb both positive and negative emotions, so they need to be updated periodically. Before it is better to remove old paint and Wallpaper to get rid of the existing negativity.

Draws energy into the house and improved the bell. It should be hung on the inside of the door. You can hang it on the internal doors of the flat as a door and door jamb.

Nice to have a house of candles, because they also improve energy. A lighted candle burns negative energy and contributes to the harmonization of the surrounding space. The candles do a lot of functions. For example, if the house has a sick person need to burn a candle in his room. In addition, this ritual does not hurt, when in the house there is a tense atmosphere, for example, the constant squabbles. You can fumigate, consecrated in the Church, a candle all the corners, and sprinkle the walls and sills with Holy water — it softens the difficult situation in the house.

Many things improve energy at home. If you know about them and be able to correctly place according to their value, it is possible to multiply the positive transformation in the house.

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